sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009

Exposición Colectiva Internacional

Pintura por la Paz 2009 y Grabado por la Paz 2008
Casa de la Cltura " La Pérgola"
Salvador Rueda # 201 Col. Anáhuac
Miércoles 04 de Marzo de 2009 20:00 Hrs
Permanencia jueves 02 de Abril 2009
Entrada Libre

Grabado - Celestino Neto - 2008 "Paz" - "Peace"

Invitation for the Prints for Peace exhibit at San Nicolás. A new call for paintings was organized. A total of 42 Prints for Peace and 83 paintings from local artist was exhibited. A panel discussion about Initiatives for Peace was organized on the day of the opening. Four art organizations participated as a group.

International Collective Prints for Peace 2008.

A selection of 40 prints will be exhibited at the Human Rights Conference of South Texas College, McAllen Texas from March 16 to April 10 2009.

A selection of a second set of 42 Prints will be exhibited toguether with a new local call Painting for Peace small format (25 x 25 cm or 10 x 10 inches) in Monterrey NL México. The call is Colectiva Internacional de Pintura en pequeño formato 2009. The opening will be at Casa de la Cultura de San Nicolás de los Garza N.L. México.

We were invited to exhibit a third selection of 42 Prints will be exhibited at Casa Tiyhui in Saltillo, Coahulia, México during the month of April 2009. With these three exhibits in 2009 we are able to exhibit most of the Prints for Peace 2008 again this year, thanks to the galleries that invited us.

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